Department: Immunology
Alternate Names for Test: CALPROTECTIN
Specimen Collection Requirements:
Patient Preparation: A charge applies, except where the test is ordered by a registered medical 
specialist, or where specialist approval is obtained and the approving clinician's 
name and the clinical indication for the test is noted in the clinical details 
Patient Instruction Sheet:

Faeces Collection

Sample Type:

1x Faeces - Random

Sample Type Notes: Faecal sample, 2-3 gm. Samples can be received either at room temperature, 
refrigerated or frozen. On receipt, place specimens into the Calprotectin sample 
container located on the top compartment of the -20C freezer in specimen reception.
Minimum Sample Volume: 2 -3 gms
Pre-Analytical Storage Requirements: Up to 7 days at room temperature or 4oC. Preference is for aliquot to be frozen at sendaways.
Transport Requirements: Frozen
In the Lab:
Delphic Code: CALP
Lab Solutions Code: RFACA
Turnaround Time: Weekly
Reference Interval & Interpretation:  <50 ug/g 
Method: Phadia Immunocap 250 using ELIA technology (chemiluminescence)
Units of Measurement for Test: ug/g
Link to Application and Diagnostic Use Website: http://www.rcpamanual.edu.au/index.php?option=com_pttests&view=tests&Itemid=77
Notes: Elevated faecal calprotectin indicates a high probability of intestinal 
inflammation. For patients with known inflammatory bowel disease in remission, 
faecal calprotectin >50 ug/g is associated with an increased risk of relapse over 
the next 12 months.

Contact Details:
Lab Contact: Paul Tustin
Department Name: Immunology
Phone: (04) 3815900
Email: Paul.Tustin@wellingtonscl.co.nz

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