Department: Referred Haematology
Specimen Collection Requirements:
Patient Preparation: Patients in outlying areas should be encouraged to have their blood tests within 
an hour of the courier collect to minimise transport affect.  Courier collect 
times are listed with the opening hours for each area .
Phlebotomist Instructions: If this test requires payment please contact Haematology (ext 816) before 
Sample Type:

2x Blue (Sodium Citrate) tube 2.7mL

Minimum Sample Volume: TUBE MUST BE FULL.
Unacceptable Samples: Specimen clotted or sample tube underfilled
Transport Requirements: Ambient.
Referred Specimens:
Referred to: Capital & Coast DHB Laboratory
Link to Reference Lab Website: http://labtests.ccdhb.org.nz/search.aspx
Preferred Aliquot: Double spun frozen plasma
Pre-Transport Requirements to Reference Lab: Freeze plasma
Transport Requirements to Reference Lab: Frozen
In the Lab:
Lab Test Code: REVF7
Reference Interval & Interpretation: Provided with Reference Laboratory result.
Stability Time Limit for Add-On Tests: Same day
Link to Application and Diagnostic Use Website: http://www.rcpamanual.edu.au/index.php?option=com_pttests&view=tests&Itemid=77
Contact Details:
Lab Contact: Alex Beavis and Dr Ken Romeril
Department Name: Haematology
Phone: (04) 3815900
Fax: (04) 3815948
Email: abeavis@apath.co.nz

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