Department: Biochemistry
Alternate Names for Test: AMINOGLYCOSIDES (Tobramycin)
Specimen Collection Requirements:
Phlebotomist Instructions: Take trough and peak levels.
Trough value:  Take blood just prior to next dose.
Peak value:    Take blood 1-2 hours post dose.

For once-daily dosage a second level should be taken 6-14 hours post dose.
Please state dose and time dose was taken.
Sample Type:

1x Yellow SST (Serum Separator) tube 8.5mL

Alternative Blood Tubes: Green (Lithium Heparin) tube 6.0mL, Red (Plain) tube 10mL
Referred Specimens:
Minimum Aliquot: 200uL
Pre-Transport Requirements to Reference Lab: Ambient

Must be sent same day as collection
Transport Requirements to Reference Lab: Ambient
In the Lab:
Delphic Code: TOB
Ultra Code: TOB
Lab Solutions Code: RTOB
Testing Schedule: 24 hrs
Turnaround Time: 120 mins on arrival at Wellington Lab
Reference Interval & Interpretation: Only trough levels are recommended for routine monitoring. For neonatal and 
paediatric patients refer to local protocol for dosing and monitoring guidance. For 
adults refer to the antibiotic guidelines on the PML website. If further assistance 
is required contact the Infectious Diseases Pharmacist or Registrar. 
Method: Roche On-Line -Homogeneous enzyme immunoassay on Cobas 6000 (c501)
Link to Application and Diagnostic Use Website:
Contact Details:
Lab Contact: Koen van der Werff
Department Name: Microbiology
Phone: (04) 3815900

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