Department: Referred Biochemistry
Alternate Names for Test: FAECAL CHYMOTRYPSIN
Specimen Collection Requirements:
Phlebotomist Instructions: Specimen can be collected, however test will only be performed after approval by 
relevant Pathologist.
Sample Type:

1x Faeces - Random

Pre-Analytical Storage Requirements: Ambient
Transport Requirements: Ambient
Referred Specimens:
Referred to: Canterbury Health Laboratories
Link to Reference Lab Website:
Minimum Aliquot: 5gms
Pre-Transport Requirements to Reference Lab: Refrigerate
Transport Requirements to Reference Lab: On ice
In the Lab:
Lab Test Code: HOLD
Testing Schedule: Mon - Fri
Turnaround Time: 2 days
Reference Interval & Interpretation: Provided with Reference Laboratory result.
Stability Time Limit for Add-On Tests: Not stated by referral laboratory
Link to Application and Diagnostic Use Website:
Contact Details:
Lab Contact: Jan Tenberge
Department Name: Specimen Reception
Phone: (04) 3815900 ext 717
Fax: (04) 3815948

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