Department: Haematology
Alternate Names for Test: DD
Specimen Collection Requirements:
Phlebotomist Instructions: All D-Dimers are handled as urgent specimens. If requester has stated that the 
D-Dimer test is urgent then phlebotomy team leader must be contacted by phone 
(no voice messages) so specimen can be handled as a critical specimen & 
immediate transportation arranged.

Sample Type:

1x Blue (Sodium Citrate) tube 2.7mL

Minimum Sample Volume: TUBE MUST BE FULL.
Unacceptable Samples: Underfilled tubes and clotted samples.
Transport Requirements: Ambient
In the Lab:
Delphic Code: DD
Ultra Code: DDP
Lab Solutions Code: RFDP
Testing Schedule: Analysed daily
Turnaround Time: Daily
Reference Interval & Interpretation: A D-Dimer level of <500ng/mL in a patient with a low Wells score indicates a 
>95% negative predictive value for PE or DVT. 
This result should not be used to exclude the diagnosis in patients with a 
moderate or high probability of DVT (VTE) as imaging studies in these groups is 
Note that there are high rates of false positivity of D-Dimers in selected 
patient groups, e.g. pregnancy, active infection, post operative patients, 
cancer and the elderly. D-Dimer testing may not be appropriate in these clinical 
settings as its negative predictive value is reduced. 
For any interpretative queries contact the Haematologist.
Stability Time Limit for Add-On Tests: 8 hours
Link to Application and Diagnostic Use Website: https://www.rcpa.edu.au/Library/Practising-Pathology/RCPA-Manual/Items/Pathology-Tests
Contact Details:
Lab Contact: Rebecca O'Toole
Department Name: Haematology
Phone: (04) 3815900
Email: Rebecca.OToole@wellingtonscl.co.nz

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