TOXICOLOGY STUDIES (not for drugs of abuse)
Department: Referred Biochemistry
Specimen Collection Requirements:
Patient Preparation: Not all drugs are able to be screened for or quantitated in serum or urine.

For screening for specific drugs not listed in this guide, please contact Grant 
Moore at Toxicology Canterbury Health Laboratories for clarification of the 
availability of the drug required. 
Contact Phone Number 0800 843 522  extn 80322 

Referred Specimens:
Referred to: Canterbury Health Laboratories
Link to Reference Lab Website:
In the Lab:
Lab Test Code: RSPEC
Link to Application and Diagnostic Use Website:
Contact Details:
Lab Contact: Max Reed and Dr Michael Crooke
Department Name: Biochemistry
Phone: (04) 3815900 ext 850
Fax: (04)3815985

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