Fresh rooms and a new face

(Inside Aotea, April 2012)

Karen Wood, Wellington SCL chief executive

If you visit us in Karori or Upper Hutt, you will have seen our new blood collection rooms. We’re pleased with them because patients are noticeably more comfortable in the new surroundings.

This is mainly because -- in both sets of rooms -- there is a lot of extra space, light and privacy. This is making it more pleasant for people to visit us, and it is also giving our staff better conditions in which to do their work and follow-up administration tasks.

We think that this will naturally flow on to better services for you.

We will soon be making improvements to our Johnsonville and Newtown rooms to continue a process that will soon see nearly half our collection rooms upgraded -- with more to come later in the year.

This month we are very pleased to introduce a new immunopathologist at Wellington SCL, Dr Marianne Empson. Dr Empson is covering for Dr Richard Steele while he is on leave until July. She is providing cover at both Aotea and the Capital & Coast DHB hospital lab.

Your tests will be in very good hands, and we are very pleased to have Dr Empson with us for the next few months.

Cancer is a disease that can cause serious disruption not only to a patient’s life but also to their family, as they all have to cope with the uncertainty a cancer diagnosis can bring. We are very aware of that, and we take our responsibilities in cancer diagnosis very seriously -- as we do, of course, with all the cases we are asked to investigate.

In this edition of Inside Aotea, we look at two different types of cancer testing -- tissue testing and blood testing. We hope it gives you some insight into our work and the efforts we take to help doctors deliver the best treatments possible.