Getting it right is important to us

(Inside Aotea, February 2011)

We work very hard to give you a high quality pathology service but occasionally there are problems. Then we work just as hard to fix them!

It’s important you let us know of your concerns. We have a system to make sure every complaint is recorded, understood and acted on.

Vicki McKnight, our quality and safety manager, explains below what to do if you have any problems with our service.

How to make a complaint

You can telephone, email, or write to us -- or log a complaint on our website.

How we act on complaints

When we receive a complaint we will:

  • carefully review and investigate  the complaint
  • make an initial response to you within five workings days of receiving your complaint. This may be by phone,  email or in writing
  • fix any problems identified
  • take corrective action to prevent the problem happening again.
  • advise you of the action we will take  in response to your complaint.

How we log complaints

  • We log all complaints into iTrack,  our computerised complaint  reporting system.
  • iTrack notifies the relevant manager who then ‘owns’, and is responsible  for resolving, the issue.
  • Our customer liaison manager and quality manager also receive emails advising them of the complaint.  If a complaint is serious, an email  is sent to our chief executive and other senior staff.
  • The issue owner investigates and determines appropriate actions to resolve it. They will electronically assign actions to other staff if needed.
  • Once resolved, the issue owner "signs off" the issue.
  • I then categorise all issues  so we can spot any trends or  problem areas.

Our system makes sure every complaint is seen by at least three managers at Wellington SCL -- that’s how important your feedback is to us.