Glucose tolerance

Your doctor has asked us to perform a glucose tolerance test for you.

An appointment is needed for this test, so please phone the laboratory on (04) 381 5900 or email to book, or if you need any further information.

Test preparation

  1. Take no food or drink (expect water) after 9pm the night before the test.
  2. If you are on medication, take your pills as usual with water.
  3. Do not take part in extreme activities (such as gym activities or running) immediately prior to the test on the morning of the test.
  4. Come to the laboratory at the appointed time.  The process takes about two hours.
  5. Please remain at the collection room in a resting state during the two hours. You may like to bring a book to read.  Smoking is not permitted as it may affect the test result. No food or drink may be consumed during the two hour period.

Test procedure

  1. We start the procedure first thing in the morning and take the first blood test while you are in the fasting state
  2. We’ll give you a glucose drink immediately after the first test.
  3. Further blood samples will be taken at specific intervals
  4. If you feel unwell during the test, please inform our staff.
  5. We send the results directly to your doctor the next working day.

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