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Pathology - more than just a blood test

You may be reading this edition of Inside Aotea while waiting for a test or maybe you’re on the bus on the way home after a test. Find out more here.

Why do I need to fast before some blood tests

You’ve just been told you need some blood tests and have been instructed to fast before the test. Apart from making you hungry, what are the real reasons for fasting before a blood test? Max Reed, Biochemistry Head of Department, answers some common questions. Find out more here.

Health tip: say no to cholesterol

One of our more common blood tests is for lipids - or fats - in your blood. Cholesterol is one such lipid in your blood and too much of it can cause serious health and heart problems. Find out more here.

Staff profile: Grant Beattie

Day-to-day running of couriers. Making sure we meet all expectations that are required with getting specimens delivered to the lab on time and in perfect condition (not hot, not cold, not shaken or stirred). Find out more here.

Mama mia! Heart disease is found in ancient Egyptians

Heart disease and stroke are thought to be mainly modern diseases of the West, but the ancient Egyptians may have experienced them too. Find out more here.

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