Inside Aotea April 2012

Fresh rooms and a new face

If you visit us in Karori or Upper Hutt, you will have seen our new blood collection rooms. We’re pleased with them because patients are noticeably more comfortable in the new surroundings. Read more here.

Diagnosing cancer an ever-changing science

Diagnosing cancer is challenging work. The professional satisfaction of diagnosing a particularly complex cancer successfully is often muted by the sad reminder that the patient and their loved ones may face a difficult time ahead. Read more here.

Lab scientists -- the detectives of disease

In much of our work we have highly advanced machines to help us analyse your blood samples and then give us in-depth data, but it takes skill and expertise to operate these analysers and interpret the data they produce, and that's where our staff are invaluable. Read more here.

Staff profile: Collette Bromhead 

Read Dr Bromhead's profile here.

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