Inside Aotea June 2011

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We aim to make your visits here as positive as possible

How to make a visit to Aotea Pathology a better experience for each patient is something we are constantly thinking about and striving for. Read more here.

Identifying your specimen during the testing process

Aotea Laboratory receives several thousand specimens each and every day and it is essential we always have the right specimen paired with the right patient. Anita Worrall, our technical laboratory manager, explains how we identify and track your specimen throughout the testing process. Read more here.

Our smart technology helps us make the right diagnosis

Aotea Pathology's laboratory is filled with smart equipment that examines your specimens and helps us make diagnoses. One of our biggest pieces of equipment is the Haematology Sample Transportation Line which tests blood specimens and can identify requirements for different tests. Read more here.

Staff profile

Amanda Gourley: medical laboratory technician in Microbiology and Molecular Biology.

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