Midstream urine

How to prepare for a midstream urine test

  1. Obtain a container from your doctor or nearest Aotea Pathology rooms.
  2. Specimens collected in the early morning are preferred but not essential.
  3. Uncircumcised males: retract the foreskin. 
  4. Females: wipe the perineal area from front to back with toilet paper or wash with warm water and part the labia to avoid vulval contamination.
  5. Allow some urine to pass into the toilet then pass some directly into the clean container until it is half full; then pass the rest of the urine into the toilet.
  6. Securely fasten the lid and label with full name, date of birth, time and date of collection.
  7. Place in plastic specimen bag with the request form from your doctor.
  8. Take the specimen to your doctor or nearest Aotea Pathology rooms.
  9. Ideally, urine specimens should be refrigerated immediately and delivered to the laboratory within four hours.

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