Our history

Aotea Pathology was established on 1st November 2006, following the amalgamation of two long-standing practices; Valley Diagnostics Laboratories and Medical Laboratory Wellington. Both laboratories provided community pathology services to the greater Wellington region. The merger was the result of an established professional relationship between the two practices and the motivation to obtain new service contracts.

Medical Laboratory Wellington was founded in 1932 from a medical partnership established by Dr P.P. Lynch. Valley Diagnostic Laboratories Limited was founded in 1955 by the pathologist Dr W.S. Alexander. The amalgamation of these two laboratories gave Aotea Pathology a proud history and a strong foundation as the leader of pathology services to the community.

Aotea Pathology Limited is a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1955. It is a joint venture between the healthcare providers Abano Healthcare Group (previously owner of Medical Laboratory Wellington) and Sonic Healthcare (previously owner of Valley Diagnostic Laboratories).

Both companies are investors and operators of health care and medical services businesses. Abano Healthcare Group Limited is a New Zealand public company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and owns a 55 per cent share of Aotea Pathology. Sonic Healthcare Limited is an Australian public company listed on the Australian stock exchange and owns a 45 per cent share of Aotea Pathology.