SurePath Liquid Based Cytology service introduced

(Aotea News, August 2009)

Two months ago Wellington SCL introduced the SurePath Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) service for cervical screening.

The implementation went very smoothly and SurePath LBC now makes up nearly 100 percent of all the cervical samples we receive.

We receive no additional Cervical Screening Programme funding for providing Surepath LBC but made the move to LBC because of the quality of testing.

Discussions are currently underway with the NCSP about funding. We are also discussing screening for high risk HPV types.

The national screening unit has confirmed that the commencement date for the implementation of HPV testing as part of the Guidelines for Cervical Screening in New Zealand will be 1 October 2009.

LBC tests are becoming increasingly common and now make up a significant proportion of New Zealand’s 450,000 annual cervical screenings. We are pleased to have introduced LBC to the greater Wellington region ahead of schedule.